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Nicole Brodie

Founder and CEO The Fit & Fab Collective , The Fit Freedom Collective and the Fit & Fab Pre-Pregnancy Program

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Instagram // @nicole_fitandfab

Im a mum of 3 which includes newborn delicious twins and the founder of The Fit & Fab Collective and The Fit & Fab Pre-Pregnancy Program

I love all things health,fitness, FOOD,family and my mission is to bring individuals together and empower one another both collectively and individually. To help others in finding their purpose and providing tools and motivation for their success - in business, health and life! 

Favourite Quote

"Change your thoughts. Change your world" - Wayne Dyer

The Women's Collective

The Fit & Fab Collective Team

Lisa Ankervik

Hey, I'm Lisa, 
I was born in Sweden and lives both in Sweden and in Tel-Aviv, a mother of two boys plus two bonus kids.

I graduated my university degree in Sweden as a Health Guidance Expert and I’m working in Health Promotion- helping and supporting people of all ages with all aspects of health, throughout the life span.

I see health as based on a holistic approach, where health is a combination of physical, mental, emotional, social and existential well-being.
I’m passionate about nutrition and all kinds of sports and fitness activities. I love to travel and to spend time with my family and friends. I believe we should all enjoy life and fill it with happiness and love. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience, guide and motivate people to empower themselves a better health and lifestyle.

Instagram // @Lisa_Ankervik

Favourite Quote

"In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln



Naomi Pelled

Hey! My name is Naomi Pelled

I’m a mum of 3, a 6 year old daughter and identical twin 2.5 year olds.

When my sons were 11 days old, I nearly died, and although I remember, nothing of the 2 days in intensive care, I’ve been told a lot, and never wish to be in that situation ever again.

As a result, over the past couple of years I have done a lot of self exploration, learning deeper into the three principles, finally having a mind shift and working on having a happier, healthier and more successful life. My grandma lived til 92, and I too would love to live to see my great grandkids.

My mission is to empower each and everyone to take control of their health and the health of their family, and not have the conventional health system control how one affects their health and outlook.

Instagram // @schuggi1981

Favourite Quote

“Your opinion is none of my business “

Leslie Pavia

My name is Leslie Pavia Dei

I was born in Nice, French Riviera, mom of 2 little boys , ex professional contemporary dancer.Working now as a massage therapist in alternative medicine since 2004.

I love people,family food,health, art, spirituality dance,travels,esoterism ,my mission is to treat/heal the body / soul with holistic approach.
Always searching for balance, harmony and peacefulness..

Instagram // @lesliepavia

Favourite Quote

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” - Buddha

Brandi Gigliotti

Hi my name is Brandi Gigliotti 

I am originally from Canada but now call Australia home. I’m currently a full time mum to my two gorgeous kids Archie and Abigail and a wife to my loving and supportive husband Dave. When I’m not on maternity leave I also work part time as a receptionist at an amazing medical centre here in Melbourne. 

I love all things health, fitness, travel and family. My mission is to spread the word on the importance of whole food nutrition. I want to support and motivate people to take care of their bodies from the inside out and to live their best lives. 

Instagram // @mrs_gigs

Favourite Quote

Cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows and love your todays ~ Unknown



May Mostafa

My name is May Mostafa

I am an engineer by degree and an HR professional . A mom of one boy and a step mom of two (a boy and a girl). All three kids are preteens and teenagers! 

I am an IBS warrior, I do not fight my IBS with medicine. I face it with a smile and a healthy lifestyle and a high level of mindfulness.

I am an ethical vegan. I do not harm living beings and I do my part as much as I can for the planet earth. I enjoy cooking vegan food and love animals of all kinds.

Instagram // @busyvegandubai

Favourite Quote

 “the best way to predict the future, is to create it” - Abraham Lincoln

Natalie Benjamin 

Hey, I'm Natalie, 

I'm a mom of 6 and Community Manager for Beach and Nature Cleanups and other events, activities and initiatives related to sustainability and living in harmony with nature.

I love all things eco and natural, and my mission is to spread positivity for healthy natural living and awareness for a sustainable planet.

FB: Earth Moms and EarthLove Beach Cleanup
IG: @earthmoms

Favourite Quote

"Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso



Elsa Haile 

Hey, I'm Elsa, 

I am living in Dubai born and raised there too. So excited to be joining this awesome team and starting on my healthy journey, especially since I have been focusing on taking a natural path to skin and hair care. Looking forward to learning and achieving healthier goals for myself and everyone around me.

Instagram // @therealellas_world

Favourite Quote




Camille Sarah Leroy 

Hi I'm Camille Sarah Leroy, 

I'm a Philosophical Counselor & coach, I am passionate of dancing and I am fond of ayurvedic philosophy. I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation. 

I am also a teacher and I really enjoy leading students to understand a different way of thinking and feeling, to transcend their abilities, to find balance... 

I want to share all this knowledge with you and be there for the one who needs a new way of conceiving life. 

Instagram // @camille.sarah.leroy

Favourite Quote

"To be happy is to learn how to choose. Not only the appropriate pleasures but also his own way, his job, his way of living and loving." - Seneca


Amanda Purcell 

Hi I'm Amanda, 

I’m a passionate foodie, nature lover and wholefoods nutritional advocate who thrives on engaging others about the natural healing powers of food to bring about better health, energy and wellbeing in our everyday lives.

I’ve worked in the food and creative catering/events space and industries for over 30 years. I have a Degree in Applied Science (Hospitality/Nutrition), Certification as a Health Coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and currently run a business as a Holistic Personal Chef to many individuals, couples and families in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion is to inspire, engage, empower and educate others on their personal health and wellness journey where by gaining a better understanding of food, nutrition, health and wellness they can be learn how to implement simple changes to be the best version of themselves, and for others.

Instagram // @healthyhomeharvest

Favourite Quote

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food” - Hippocrates


The Men's Collective

The Fit Freedom Collective Team

Chris McLean 

Hey, I'm Chris, 

I'm a brand & marketing consultant, following over a decade running my own digital agency, both at home in Melbourne and for 6 years in the UAE. 

I’m an animal lover & butler to 4 rescue cats and a pup named Misha. 

I’ve always been active, have a passion for the adventurous (an avid rock climber for the last 25 years) and finding new approaches to diet, movement and physiology. 

My love for animals has lead me to an ethical approach to food & health, I’m vegetarian & like 94% vegan.

My mission is to educate and empower people to make better decisions about their health, nutrition & fitness. I believe that we at what we eat, and that a plant-based diet is not only beneficial for our bodies, but for the planet. 

My favorite quote comes from my Dad, who inspires me to pursue prevention over cure; when battling cancer he once said, “The best way to beat cancer, is to never get it in the first place!” 

Here’s to living our best lives, as our best selves, in our best bodies.

Instagram // @ultimateclimbing | @the.chris.mclean

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